Consulting - Product standardization
Product standardization
The best way to ensure the quality of a product is to standardize its design, manufacturing and performance testing process as much as possible.

That is why, from ENKROSS we make available to our customers our experience in product design oriented to the reduce engineering time and production costs, as well as the development of tools that facilitate the generation of all the necessary information from the first phase of quotation.
  • Compatibility matrix: Initial product study, evaluation of all possible sales options and proposal for action.
  • Compatible and incompatible options: Definition of the different options within the same product and design of these. The possibility of combining different options is the most interesting result of this process.
  • Development of product configurators for Commercial Department: Once the product and its different options are defined, a configurator is generated for use by the Commercial Department with all the necessary information to adapt the sale to the exact needs of the customer.
  • Engineering Automation: With the same configuration of the Commercial Department, all the necessary information is generated for the Engineering Department to automatically generate the documents associated with the project with the minimum errors and without the need to duplicate actions.

The definition and coordination of execution of these steps, as well as their correct implementation and evaluation over time, are carried out by ENKROSS in companies that manufacture industrial goods and equipment always prioritizing that the customer understands and can repeat in the future each step taken.